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Turn your website into a conversion machine

Turn Your Website Into A Conversion Machine

Let me introduce a tool called Google Analytics. It is the secret tool that can turn your website into a conversion machine. Here’s how you can fully utilize its potential to the fullest for the growth of your business.

1. Track the bounce rate

Google ranks a website based on the bounce rate. If a large number of visitors are leaving your website after a few seconds then that means you have a low-quality website and the visitors are choosing to leave your page with just a glance. If a large percentage of visitors are navigating away after visiting just the first page, then there is a problem. This implies that you need to optimize the website with more engaging content. It also tells you the time spent on site and page, if people aren’t staying, you can modify your website design or product offering so that it is more attractive.

2. Discover where your traffic is coming from

Find out if your visitors are coming from your social media page, via organic searches, referrals from other types of sites or did they specifically look for your website. If you suddenly get a burst of traffic from a website go and check it out and try to find other opportunities like this one. It will also provide you information from which city or country are you receiving website clicks. It helps you get a better idea of how people are getting to your website. This can help you find out where your audience is so that you can focus more on that platform and also work to improve the other areas.

3. Find out which pages work best for you

Google Analytics tells you which page your consumers spend the most amount of time on. You can then use that information to build marketing strategies around it. You can make that page your landing page or market that product more widely. This can help brands maximize their website conversions.

4. Find out which content works for you

Once you find out which page is resonating well with the audience you can optimize other pages to match the same kind of content and tone. This will in turn help improve the quality of over the entire website. Google analytics makes available there visual diagrams that can help deciphering what pages they interacted with the most and the page where they disengaged and dropped off your site. Hence, reducing the Bounce rate and getting better chances of getting improving your rank on Google search engine. The pages that already have traffic, conversion can help you gauge insights into what content is working.

5. Study the Trends

Focus on trend your data follows and compare it against other days, weeks, month and even year. Connect the trends and form a proper strategy about your peak season and what time of the day and days of the week, your website visits hit a dud. Every element of data in Google Analytics is accurate and can help you take better business decision and understand your consumer base a little better.

6. Know your consumers better

Google Analytics can give you a whole insight about the people visiting your website their location, demographics, interests. Understanding customers and their interaction with the website is essential to understand their likes and dislikes before making any changes. This can help you target the right customer base and let you know if your current target is going off the mark. This also ensures you know the way to lure them in and help you set up strategies and tone of your company.

7. Find out which keywords are working for you

Spending unnecessarily on acquiring keywords that don’t even end up working can be a very expensive mistake. Google Analytics tells you the keywords people are using to reach your websites. What terms are people searching for when they find you? Find the right keywords and then make them your focus rather than wasting money on a large variety of keywords that fetch you minimum to none business.

8. Get Competitor Analysis

It tells you how you’re doing compared to other sites in the same industry. It will give you a general idea about how your site is doing compared to them. You get a better idea of how you stack up against your competitors and where you need to make changes to start improving your website. Reach out to us for a free Google Analytics integration. Fill in your details below.

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