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Tone and Voice of your Brand

What are Tone and Voice in branding?

The tone and voice of your brand determines how you communicate with your audience. It conveys your brand’s values, beliefs, and the overall feeling that you want your brand associated with while going hand in hand with your brand visuals and aesthetic.

‘Your brand is a mix of intangible and tangible aspects, and they come together to form the foundation of a good branding strategy.’

The impact of Tone and Voice on your audience

Think about your school days, college days or any other day, did your personality and communication skills play a role in where you are today? The answer is probably a yes.
Similarly, the tone and the voice of your brand is going to play a huge role in how your audience perceives it and will allow you to connect better with them; the alignment of your brand and your target audience’s expectation will create a feeling of understanding and will make them value and appreciate your products or services even more.

For e.g. The brand Harley-Davidson has a strong, confident, and masculine voice which creates surety in their audience. Their voice captures their brand essence and paints a picture of Harley-Davidson being not just a bike, but an experience.

Once you zero in on a voice and tone for your brand, things are going to be smooth and consistent, not just for you, but also your customer’s experience. Such strategies give your brand an authentic feel and helps you foster connections with your target audience.

Bring clarity in your corporate communications

As an employer, efficiency and clarity are key for communication. Due to a set guideline, external contact is simplified, deliberate and in alignment with the brand. Furthermore, it introduces consistency in your communication and avoids PR disasters. A brand manual or guideline enables your brand to create an identity independent of its current employees or management and ensures that no matter who stays and leaves the organization, the brand image remains unshakable.

On the flip side, as an employee, this guideline sets the tone for your actions, decisions, and their execution. From advertisement to CSR activities, this plays a vital role in everything you do; for example, because Disney’s tone is family-friendly, children-oriented, fun, and magical, most of their CSR activities include supporting children going through difficult times.

We can help you find your voice!

Enliten IT helps brands find their tone and voice and helps them to strategize it effectively by providing them with a brand manual specifically curated for them. We help in the tangible and intangible aspects of branding by understanding your needs, values, and thought processes so that the voice behind the company stays authentically you!

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