Close to 180,000 Indians live in New Zealand today and most of them are Punjabi’s and Gujarati’s with keen interest in Music. Despite adopting the culture of the nation, the interest in Indian Music has never died.

The local radio channels obviously did not serve this taste so Tarana was born as an opportunity for Indians living in New Zealand to enjoy true Indian music on their mobile phones. And there was more on the store.

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A touch with the Indian style was what people were looking for. The Indian community needed a simple app with the facility of streaming Indian radio channels so they could still be with home culture. The app was to provide an ability to stream multiple Indian radio channels over a
single platform.

Management View

The aim was to develop an app that could engage Indians in New Zealand through Musical journeys. The app was to cater to the likes of multiple generations and communities and thus, needed to be multi-language and multi-featured. The aim was to entertain and keep various Indian communities informed of the Indian culture to drive their interest in regional music. Right from 1950s till the current decade, the app would have the popular Indian music streamed on the app. Besides that, the app had to act as a place that keeps Indians updated with latest news, events, and more. They could be informed of the latest political issues, crises, events, festivals, shows, and more through the mobile app.


Enliten IT developed a mobile application, Tarana, with simplified interface and powerful UI/UX. The application was designed with scratch coding to meet the needs of the consumers and producers.

It included features for music streaming, popular recordings, drive time music plays, talk back shows, announcements, news, interviews, and more. Major categories were created in the app for radio, news channel, event announcements and video streaming with each given a distinctive interface.

The development enabled following capabilities as desired by the client:

Customers could flip through the calendar identifying popular shows

They could play distraction-free live radio on their app

They could access news and announcements related to sports, events, and festivals

Local business organizations could use the app for marketing their products to Indians living in
New Zealand

The news section would provide short summaries of the latest news from around combining data from multiple channels for one-stop access

The app has gained over 80,000 listeners in greater Auckland with its reach is going far-off places like Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch. It is today the number 1 Hindi radio app in New Zealand and offers support for music in multiple languages as well as other important features like news, event announcements, talk shows, videos, and more.

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