Cashback trend is catching up and so many shoppers are now downloading apps to take the benefit. This also extends perks to shopkeepers also who can offer cashback benefits to woo their customers.

But these benefits are only for those who pay to specific merchandizers or through specific apps. What if a customer is making a purchase but paying through cash? Is there no benefit? This was the foundation of the idea of Shopflix that enabled provision of cash back by shopkeepers to all their customers irrespective of the mode of payment used.

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The company needed a mobile app that enabled cashback feature for shoppers the moment they made any payment to any shop. The app was to also provides visibility to shopkeeper brands through location-based targeting and direct connection with customers through an app to help them generate leads through marketing. Scratch designing was needed for website and the mobile app.

Management View

The aim was to develop an app that could simplifying the cashback for common people who may have very less understanding of mobile usage as they could also be less literate. Thus, UI/UX was the most important element and had to be very simple and easy to understand. The easier you want to make it for your customer, better the understanding one should have and thus, an experienced team that had good market understanding as well as technical knack was needed.


Enliten IT developed a website for the company and a mobile application, Shopflix Buzz, with simplified interface and powerful UI/UX. The application was designed with features for marketing communication and cashback for customers.

The app connected customers as regular users with shopkeepers as business users who could extend credits through cashback feature to their customers. A customer making a purchase from a shop would just have to record an entry in the app to avail cashback, which gets released once the transaction is marked genuine by the shopkeeper

The development enabled following capabilities as desired by the client:

Customers could receive cashback for any purchase that was not necessary to be done using specific app or payment method

Shopkeepers could connect with their customers directly over the app and deliver marketing messages

The UI/UX of the app was simple enough for any new user to understand and use

The app would allow small shops to offer cashback privilege to their customers and thus, be able to compete with larger stores

Within a few months of the launch of the application, the company was able to capture an enormous customer base and connect small stores that participated in the cash back frenzy. Now, shoppers can enjoy cashback without any restrictions through the app and small shopkeepers could offer discounts like big retailers and run loyalty programs using distinguished features of the app.

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