For more than 30 years, RBM Finance has been providing a gateway to importers and exporters which they could use to raise risk free international trade finance. With trade relationships established in over 100 countries, RBM can minimize overall cost of borrowing thereby helping clients improve their bottom line.

To obtain desired information on time.

Because of the critical nature of business that competes globally, having information available instantly, has become imperative to success of an organization. However, when RBM managers had to take critical decisions that emerged unplanned, the biggest struggle was to obtain desired information on time.

ACTIONABLE knowledge

Enliten IT India designed a solution based on qualitative and quantitative modelling that could turn company data into Actionable Knowledge. The quantitative models were used to reflect complex realities of business model such as factors of financial risk and uncertainty using the data generated from business transactions. The quantitative models enabled the client to further refine this data into information that could be used for taking better business decisions.

The solution designed was able to visualize data using appropriate charts, coordinates, and graphs, that were presented considering principles of design and colour to make them look more engaging, simple and effective. The design was created after mapping user behaviour which included understanding of how humans perceive visualizations.

We believe that the most sophisticated statistical analyses would still not be useful to a business if it does not deliver actionable advice that is comprehensible to even non-technical people. Thus, we delivered a simplified solution to our client that was easy to understand for any business user.

Client Testimonial:

“There are so many transaction details you have to remember.
Whenever our clients calls,we are required to know every detail.
By using EdifyBiz, we could easily store such details.”

Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA)