Pooja is a passionate writer,
an explorer, and an innovator.

Online Identity

Creating a website and the online identity of an experienced writer. A website and identity that reflected her amicable personality, endless creativity and a unique presentation.

Pooja-Dubey 1
Pooja-Dubey 2

Designing the website

Ms. Dubey had a lot to tell the world about what she did, and thus wanted to create a highly organized portfolio that truly reflected her strengths and personality.

She needed a website that could reflect her personality by using the correct creative tools, host her portfolio, samples, projects, and testimonials from clients, allow her to post her books and stories, and help her build a brand with a fun logo and web page styles.

And since we’ve worked individually with her in the past, we had a strong grip on her personality and affable demeanor, making the website a piece of cake!

How We Helped

Pooja approached our team and we guided her through how she could proceed and create a website that would reflect her vision. We collaborated very closely with her on decisions about the images to use, themes to follow, pages to build, and features to add.

Within 2 months, we had her website ready, with fun pages created for her stories, services, author journey, portfolio, testimonials, and videos; all thanks to our rapid development capabilities and a highly efficient team. Every page was created with different features that were highly customized in terms of the functions they offered, and the design elements they had.

A few examples are- an attractive display of book titles in 3D formats, a chronological display of her professional life journey with creative image customization, and a highly customized display of portfolio with hand picked sections. We materialized her vision into a website, and she couldn’t have smiled wider.

Pooja-Dubey 3