Panacea Lifestyles presents a whole new concept of Rejuvenation by giving you a salutary & revitalizing healing of mind, body and soul. Panacea Lifestyles is a boutique renaissance space that gives you customized services for your hair, skin, fitness, appetite
and overall grooming.

Panacea Lifestyles case Study 1


The large boutique was targeted to those looking for specialized services of high quality in these areas. The company had plans to market the Panacea project through digital media of which website development was a major part. The company needed this website to showcase its services and give its visitors a feel of luxury that boutique had to offer.

Panacea Lifestyles brought the concept of a large lifestyle boutique spread across a massive space of 6000 sq. ft. in Mumbai with luxurious lifestyle services brought together. The space was planned to house exclusive stores for providing a wide range of healthcare, beauty, and entertainment services like spa, salon, gym, skin care, dental care, café, bar, film and music.

Solution Offered

Panacea approached EnlitenIT with the requirement for the website with their objective to make a central statement of providing an experience of luxury and elegance. Our team came up with an idea of creating a dynamic website with images and features that reflected upon the concepts of beauty and style.

Panacea Lifestyles case Study 2

A home page was created with a moving background of an elegant panoramic image that could immediately capture one’s attention. A blend of vibrant colors and large appealing images was used on the website with a wide grid layout presenting services and offers from the organization.


The rich look of the website gave a feel of luxury to visitors and gave the company a space to promote its services and exclusive offers. With the new website alive, the company could create a buzz in the market before the boutique was launched. The website helped company start creating a digital presence and allowed consumers to connect and engage
with the brand.