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Make your work life simpler with technology

Make your Work Life Simpler with Technology

Technology has been a boon for the last few decades by connecting one end of the world to the other. Information technology revolution which took place in the 21st century has given a new outlook to life thus making our work life easier. From speed texting to speed dating, information technology has touched every facet of our lives. Although some would consider it as a boon, the other few have also considered it to be a bane invading private lives and disrupting a normal course of living beings.

All said and done if you have a tool which makes any given task in your hand easier, there is no reason to ignore it. We are talking about technology to make your work life easier. Each job profile irrespective what field it belongs to have some core functions to deal with. These functions are consistent not only across the fields but also across the globe. They formulate the fundamentals of a business and aid the business to grow and achieve new heights.



There are three types of tasks- one which you assign to yourself, second is the task assigned to you by another person and third is the task you assign to somebody else. All the work of a business fall within the above 3 tasks.


Every business today has unaccountable number of documents they deal with in the due course. Documents such Certificates related to the business, compilation of employee record, Agreements and Contracts, Receipts and Bills, Bank and other related document.


There are two types of contacts- one of the customers and the sundry contacts. Customer’s contacts are vital to maintain existing clients and expand business to better meet their need and to acquire new clients to replenish lost clients. The sundry contacts on the other hand are the one that keeps the business functional internally. Sundry contacts majorly include numbers of the Employees, Suppliers, Network providers, agents etc.

Handling the above three functions can be a task if you are doing it the conventional way. With the expanding business and larger outlook, using phone diaries and manual filing system can get tedious and time consuming. Then there is always the fear of losing phone numbers or files not traceable in the office due to expanding nature of the business.

Moreover these files and phone numbers are accessible only when you are in the office premises which becomes an impediment if you are travelling or not at the work place. It is the same with functioning of employees within the company. Being mortal human being with no extra ordinary super powers you cannot physically monitor your employees from anywhere but the work place.

To overcome these conventional problems, the technology steps in. Imagine having your main three functions of the business handled by one such tool which not only manages these functions efficiently but also gives you freedom to do all that without being physically restricted to one place. There have been several attempts of making software which handle each of these functions separately but lack the coordination between them. An ideal tool would be the one which encompasses these three and gives an ideal outcome without any hassles.

One such recommended computer application is EdifyBiz ( It has many more options beyond the core three functions making it efficient for smooth functioning of the business. Moreover built upon a cloud technology and a reliable security it’s a dynamic tool for a dynamic entrepreneur who is always on the move.

As rightly stated by Bill Gates: “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.”

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