A need to have a healthy diet that also satiates ones appetite is no more a distant dream of people working in offices. Thanks to Magic-O- Meal, a company that provides healthy meals Tiffin services for Corporate employees.

With delighted staff of companies like Mid-Day and Times of India, Magic-O- Meals found itself growing fast. And the next step was to get into the online space that had already been used by many food organizations for promoting their products and services. For this, the company managers juggled through options and came up with an idea to revive their old website giving it the look which was as fresh as their meals.

To reciprocate the
true essence of their brand
on the website.

Magic-O- Meal had a long standing website that informed people of their services online but the motto was to also reflect the full set of capabilities of the company through the portal. When we met the client in their office, their agenda was clear and it was to take the brand to a new level in the digital space. The company wanted to achieve two goals – reciprocate the true essence of their brand on the website and open up a revenue stream using the power of digital media.

Enhanced website with help
of market-demanded features.

Using the principles of User Experience Design, the website was developed embracing a harmony in shades that rendered an appeal of health to visitors unconsciously, making them feel the quintessence of the brand. On one side, the use of rich high resolution images showing perfectly styled food made the site look appealing thereby establishing the image visually, on the other side, functionalities of the website were enhanced allowing company provide improved services to its clients.

Some market-demanded features that were added on the website such as access to the food menu and online order placement allowed client to do more, and the order management system working at the backend, profited the company by adding revenues through the website. The Magic-O- Meal website clearly communicates the brand soul, engages clients in healthier ways, opens up a new revenue stream for company and lets it simplify its processes through an automated order management system.