“There is no love Sincerer than the love of food”

- George Bernard Shaw

Magic-O-Meal is an initiative started by two MBA graduates, Mr. Alok Mody and Mr. Rahul Agarwal who strive to ensure that mumbaikars enjoy their daily meals.

Working in corporate for months, one thing that we felt missing was good healthy food. Bored of eating canteen’s unhygienic food or ordering from restaurants which used to be oily, spicy and big on one’s pocket, it prompted us to come up with an idea of supplying healthy & delicious home-made style food.

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Purpose & Impact

Reviving their online presence

Rebranding and reviving the online presence of a health-centric Tiffin service that lies in the heart of Mumbai. A new identity that reflects the company’s values while appealing to the everyday office goers of the city that never sleeps.

Magic-O-Meal wanted to achieve two goals: Rebrand their website and capitalizing on the online market for Tiffin services aimed at Corporate employees. So we decided to revive their drab, old website, giving it a new look that’s as fresh as their meals.

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With the help of our strong design and development team, we were able to come up with a website that not only impressed aesthetically, but brought about a new ease in ordering Tiffins.

Magic-O-Meal tries to provide healthy, nutrition rich meals to the everyday breadwinners, but do the people know about them?



Using principles of User Experience Design and the Colour theory of design, we made the site visually engaging with mouth-watering images and designs


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Furthermore, to improve functionality and increase efficiency, we added features such as easy access
to the food menu and online order placement. With the order management system working at the back end,
their orders grew multi-folds.

Now, the Magic-O-Meal website clearly echoes the brand’s soul, engages viewers
with their healthy options, and ventures into the world of E-commerce.
This left as big a smile on their faces, as their food does.


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