Learn4Life is an NGO that took responsibility of serving people in pain with care and support. Taking opportunity in the digital space, the company decided to build a digital platform that informed and educated people in need.

Case study 1


Facing mental, sexual, reproductive or psychological issues can be depressing as well as confusing as no one truly guides you through that. When people are facing challenges like these, they always need someone they can trust to hold their hands but at the same time, due to societal constraints and analogies, these problems often go hidden.

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Solution Offered


They wanted to build a website that had healthy and appealing style with colours that gave it a peaceful and trustworthy look. The company would want people to believe that they have someone approachable and understanding of youth concerns.

Appeal Target Group

The team decided to build a website that was informative and enticing. A youth oriented theme was used to appeal to the young people who were the target group and various pages were designed with special effects that made the website look fresh.

Custom Design

Every website page was custom designed and was decked with lively images. A number of useful features were introduced to the platform including homepage video, interactive graphics and animations, and customized feature boxes


The website developed came out to be lively and appealing to the young audience. The visitors of the website brought the company additional opportunities for creating awareness and providing guidance to people. It helped company build its brand in the digital space and communicate to a wider set of audience on services and achievements of the company. The platform explains all the services and answers most common questions bothering people.