A Website that wows

A wedding is an experience of a lifetime, a much dreamed about celebration that makes people strive for perfection. Wedding planning is an extremely lucrative profession which is rising in popularity.

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Global wedding academy aims to guide those who are enthusiastic about events such as weddings, through their professional courses. The company needed the same spirit to be reflected through a website that they wanted to build. They wanted to show their capabilities as industry experts and give a feel of globalized presence.

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Global Wedding Academy Co-founder Sabbas Joseph wanted a website that reflected the uniqueness of their business, shed light on their potential, and help create a more professional brand image for them.

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How We Helped

The project began with an elegant theme that encompassed wide-image home page sliders, created to showcase wedding images from different cultures

Beautiful and vibrant images with soft touch and the comfortable grid layout, assisted the website in reflecting the multi-cultural environment and their versatility.

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Several features were added to the website to display the capabilities of the organization

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including feature boxes, moving background image, video insertions, testimonials, chat functionality, work room portfolio, blogs, and so much more.

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The website gave the company a platform to showcase their work and courses which attracted visitors looking to build a career in wedding planning. Potential students could be more confident in the company’s trainers due to the testimonials and portfolios which were displayed. The website gave the company a platform to keep the world updated about their work and a window of opportunity to attract students.

Global wedding Academy could not have been happier with our work!