Global Natural Resources that began its journey by selling precious stones had expanded its presence globally by sourcing agricultural and energy supplies from all over the world. The organization needed a new look for its website that could clearly communicate the brand value and its core product streams. Moreover, the company also had some functional requirements for which Enliten IT was hired.

Bridge the gap between the online and offline purchase.

Stones is not a commodity that is brought online but it is deeply explored online before any purchase decisions are made. The business works on the model of quotations that are shared with potential customers after clarification of their requirements.
The company was exploring ways this process could be simplified with the use of digital technology by bridging the gap between this online exploration and offline purchase. Enliten IT was engaged for development of the website with a need for establishing a global digital presence and for partial automation of the consumer buying journey to mend the gap.

Consumers can understand the products and services at initial stages.

Three core business divisions of the company were clearly made to standout on the home page allowing visitors to immediately understand the capabilities of the company. The appearance of the website was designed for communicating the theme of nature.

A capability of requesting quotations for specific stones was added along with product additions on the website. Customers could then study various products on the GNR website itself and could ask for quotations directly.

The website was made simpler for consumers to understand the products and services and it engaged them at initial stages of buying process helping GNR make more sales through an enhanced digital presence.