Benaisha Kharas is the youngest internationally certified image consultant and a much-appreciated speaker on TEDx

who has given guidance to over 2000 people in areas such as fashion, styling and image building over the years. Her credentials and achievements have made her an inspirational speaker, inspiring so many lives across India. What she wants, is to expand her presence globally. She already has MNCs and international clients vouching for her services but to further enhance her profile, she needed to take help from digital media. She wanted to build a website that could showcase all of her achievements and give the world a glance of what she has to offer.

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How did we
change that?

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Benaisha approached EnlitenIT with the objective of creating a digital brand of her personality and she was greeted by a team of experts who took the responsibility of building a highly customized website. She wanted to showcase her personality, services, videos, profile, achievements, media presence, and testimonials on the website.

Apart from this, she wanted to have a special section for frequently asked questions to reflect upon her capabilities, personality, and style. While the content spoke about her work, the visual appeal of the pages was also a very important element for an image consultant. An extremely professional looking and innovative website, which truly reflects her personality, was what was needed. While she helped others build their image, we needed a website that would do the same for her in the digital arena.

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The EnlitenIT team worked closely with Benaisha to come up with a pleasing theme with elegant colours and an organized sitemap with individual pages planned for a unique appearance. On each page, pictures of Benaisha were embedded with creative titles that were absorbed seamlessly into the theme.Each page was styled individually and was augmented by specific functional elements.

When the site was done, Benaisha had a head to toe digital makeover, and she couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.