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Automation is the Need of Time

In the past few years, your organization has grown multifold. The impressive spike on your sales and the number of projects do create an impact on the market. However, with this also comes certain challenges that could be overwhelming you.

The explosive growth of your data makes it difficult to manage and maintain already. To it, is added the additional responsibility of analyzing the data to extract insights to power your decisions. While this looks like a brilliant opportunity to understand your customers and create strategies that can propel your growth, the data and related analytical activities create an overwhelm that can squeeze your energy.

But remember, this overwhelm is created only when most of your tasks are done manually by your workforce and your processes are people dependent. The bottlenecks are common in such a scenario. But the challenges do not stop here because, with the increasing expectations of your customers, they demand more from you.

They want you to be fast, efficient, effective, and upgraded with industry latest because that is what creates a competitive edge for you in the era that is both digitized and globalized blurring all geographical boundaries that ever had. Your physical presence may not always serve as a benefit and you need to create additional capacities.

Now, imagine, if all your structured and semi-structured data management, as well as the analysis, was already handled by technology so that your employee’s work burdens were less, what could you then do with your human assets?

Today, most of your people are just busy in administrative work even if that is not their core profile. By taking care of these administrative tasks and even to some level, cognitive ones that are repeatedly performed by your employees without much thinking, you will take away a huge chunk of junk work from them. Your people can then focus on doing what they are really best at and what they actually need to do keep growing.

If your whole attention remains on managing things that you have, how do you expect to get things you don’t have? Similarly, if close to 100% of your efforts only go into managing your systems, processes, people, and service-related communications, how will you focus on your growth, expansion, and building competence?

It is high time that you realize that automation is no more a luxury but a necessity if you are in business because that would not just help you overcome the mentioned challenges but also give you additional perks of greater efficiency, more effectiveness, better understanding, and error-free management.

A simple task of managing your documents or any other form of records can keep your people busy for hours but if you simply have a document management system in place, their wasted time could be converted into production schedules.

Your existing customers need to keep communicating while you working on their projects. There are so many correspondence messages that you need to send them like updates on the project, answers to their queries, documents for approval, announcements of changes, and so on.

If you take a careful look at your client-serving process, you will find that a huge number of tasks can actually be easily automated without much ado. And if you do that then the benefit would not just be the saving of time but the addition of the capability to serve more clients in the same time slot. If with manual processes, you can address the needs of 10 clients, then with automation, you can easily scale up to 100. Imagine that!

So, if you are still thinking if automation is really for you, sit down with your employees and create a list of all the small and big tasks. Also, note the time each takes to complete. And then, assign them a rating based on the possible saving in time and cost that can be achieved if these tasks were automated. This simple task will help you realize that you have the capacity to save at least 80% of your time and a significant cost in your operations.

COVID has changed the world we live in and if it has taught anything to organizations, it is the need to go digital and to have automation in place because when your employees are stuck in their homes, automation can take over the baton and still keep running your show.

So, do not wait for things to go worse or go overwhelming but act now and get started with automation. Even if you automate a few simple tasks at the start, at least you will be on the path and the future would be yours.

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