Once Upon a Time

Two Entrepreneurs

In a land far-far away (depending on how far Mumbai is), in 2006 two entrepreneurs, Bhakti and Aashish Sharma, started a small, aspiring company named Enliten IT India.

“The both of you were skilled enough to land well paying jobs, why risk it all to start a company?” I asked them, when i was interviewing them for this. Their response to this was a simple story.

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Cue Flashback

It is the year 2000, they, along with several others, were running a small company that dealt in Consumer appliances. Running a company for four years teaches you a plethora of practical skills and adds experience in your bank. As the company declined into obscurity, and they witnessed the fall of the empire they once governed, they were able to pinpoint the linchpin that set it all off: Mismanagement of processes, people and data.

Enliten IT was born

When one door closes, another one opens. They took that one linchpin and decided to turn their problem into a solution for the masses, that is where Enliten IT was born. From the ashes of a failed business, rose the phoenix, burning with a vision that held promise of success, and the ability to help others from suffering the same fate.

With high morale and morals in place, they set of to change the world, one business at a time. They believed in the spirit of the disrupters, the early adopters, and the game-changers of the business world.

Inspired by the ever changing nature of this field, they came up with evolutionary yet evergreen essentials. With determination in their eyes, and a clear aim in their minds, they started hustling towards the great and glorious future, that they knew was yet to come.

Was it easy? No!
Did they give up? Hell No!

Today, they along with a team of like minded professionals took a stand to start a company which believes in individual potential and now they stand as a fantastic IT and ITES organization which can efficiently and excellently executes IT Consulting, Brand Design and Application Development

Nothing that worth doing is easy, and nothing that is easy is worth doing. Like every entrepreneur does, they faced hardships and uncharted territories led to many sleepless nights. But their entrepreneurial spirit never dimmed. Time has made them wise with experience and now they can map those unexplored areas.


Nothing of such great magnitude can be achieved single handed. The team is the backbone of the company, the heart and soul that drives them to become better.

The team is a close knitted group of extremely talented individuals, that are simply a hoot to be around.

With them, Mondays are just reunions.

Watch their talent unfold