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1. 5 signs that your website is Boring

5 Signs That Your Website is Boring

A website is the face of your business. The entire corporate world is wholesomely digital today, and no company can survive in the absence of a well-composed informative website. It is the first impression that a consumer has with respect to your company. A boring website will not only cause the bounce rate to increase but also portray a bad image of your company.

1. Large Chunks of Data

In today’s age of trends, another new trend is ‘Minimalism is the new Consumerism’. Most websites just drones on and on about themselves. A chunk of large continuous information and content makes the visitors tired and in turn lose interest in whatever you want to say. This also makes the webpage look badly designed and unprofessional.

Hit ‘Enter’ whenever possible and make sure your webpage has a lot of line-breaks and images to break the texts. This also helps in highlighting each point and also gives your website an aesthetic look.

2. Images are a must

Images, graphics, vectors, illustrations, and iconography help in capturing the attention of the audience as well as making sure they remember your content and act on it later. This is why having enough images on a website will make sure that you keep your visitors interested and are making the most of their undivided attention. Use the best quality images in proper readable size so as to enhance the company image as well as to have satisfied and entertained visitors.

3. Reliance on ready-made Templates

There are a variety of templates available on platforms such as ThemeForest and others which are easily available and few even free of cost. It’s understandable why a company would opt for them and why they see it as a logical option. Understand this there are a zillion websites online. They are very much alive and working alongside yours, if even a quarter of them choose to opt for the same templates the customer is bound to come across websites with similar themes and layout. This makes the whole experience boring. Repetition never works well when it comes to web content. The consumer’s mind might pick the similarities between the websites and declare the website as boring.

4. The Color Theory

Choosing the right color is more important than you realize. Color has branding potential. Whatever color you choose will be linked to your brand image forever. Another important factor is choosing the right contrast. Make sure the color is making your website pop and is eye-catching. It shouldn’t make the content look cluttered and tacky. The color selection must make the website look clean, easy to understand as well as appealing to the eyes. These are the basic fundamentals of the Color Theory. So choosing a dull color or the wrong contrast can make your website look boring.

5. Avoid Jargons and Technical Language

Seeming like your website knows what its talking about may help increase brand communication but using too many jargon’s, technical terms and technical language may increase the bounce rate.

Technical language is not widely comprehensible, only a small section of the society may actually read the content and end up understanding what you are trying to talk about. If it’s important you could use it secondary pages but the landing page must be crisp, precise and easy to understand.

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