UX Can Get You a Revenue Boost

Give your users what they want and they will return with what you want!
A seamless, simplified and enjoyable experience on your website can get your visitors to trust you enough to enter into your business growth funnel, bringing them closer to conversions. The world has seen brands transforming and their performances fluctuating as per changing preferences of consumers and the experience that they gain from the digital channels like web and mobile has a major contribution to make.
A research done on US consumers has reported that 90% of mobile application users drop out due to A poor performance of an application and 86% delete it when facing issues with design or functionality. A clear reason why companies like Google, Apple and Amazon remain on top as leaders is their capability to understand the importance of user experience.
Take Amazon, for example, a small but most important component of UX, what Amazon calls a “ready to buy” area (It has a payment button and some quality assurance messages) is actually been worked upon extensively over the years by Amazon to bring consumers closer and closer to trusting the brand.
It started with a small self-assurance message added to shopping cart button- “you can always remove it later”. Consumers, in the beginning, were afraid of losing money to wrong orders and this message did make a difference to them.

After consumers have already started to trust, a need was realized that they were looking for faster payout options, so Amazon came up with the 1-Click button idea.

Customers wanted more – tell them more about buying options – Amazon added offers information to this “ready to buy” area.

The concept of wishlist was added later to tap those customers who could not take immediate buying decisions, but this allowed Amazon to know their preferences so that it could approach them later with customized messages.

Udemy, an online training marketplace goes a step ahead by offering users opportunity to get their wishlisted courses for free. And there are more and more companies using such UX improvement strategies for enhancing their consumer experiences.
While this was only a small element of UX that we discussed, the market leaders actually have the bandwidth to take care of almost all the UX components affecting the user in different ways. What this UX gets them in return –

  • An average growth rate of 20% every year for Amazon
  • A net sales growth from $13.9 billion to $170 billion from 2005 to 2013 for Apple
  • Top rank among internet companies with a market capitalization of $373 billion in 2015 for Google

UX no wonder gives you a major revenue boost because experience is what matters most to consumers.

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