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Enliten IT India.

Personal Branding.

Case Studies.

Digital Marketing.

Digital Reports.

Enliten IT India is an IT and ITES organization based in Mumbai.
Our Portfolio consist of Web Design in WordPress, HTML, Shopify.

Our categories include Case Studies, E-commerce, Personal Branding, Digital Marketing, Digital Reports.

In a land far away (depending on how far Mumbai is), in 2006 two
entrepreneurs, Bhakti Sharma and Aashish Sharma, started a small, aspiring
company named as Enliten IT India.

“The both of you were skilled enough to land well paying jobs, why
risk it all to start a company?” I asked them, when i was interviewing
them for this. Their response to this was a simple story.

Today, they along with a team of like minded professionals took a stand to start a company which believes in individual potential and now they stand as a fantastic IT and ITES organization which can efficiently and excellently executes IT Consulting, Brand Design and Application Development

Nothing that worth doing is easy, and nothing that is easy is worth doing. Like every entrepreneur does, they faced hardships and uncharted territories led to many sleepless nights. But their entrepreneurial spirit never dimmed. Time has made them wise with experience and now they can map those unexplored areas.

Nothing of such great importance can be achieved single handed. The team is the backbone of the company, the heart and soul that drives them to become better.

The team is a close knitted group of extremely talented individuals, that are simply a hoot to be around.

With them, Mondays are just reunions.

Magic-O-Meal is an initiative started by two MBA graduates.
Who strive to ensure that people enjoy their daily meals.

As a writer, what I give you is something that talks
to your target audience directly, giving them all
the relevant information they need in an engaging manner.
Project Learn 4 Life is a developed by a team
of creative youth who indulged their effort in bringing
awareness on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
amongst teens, adolescents, young adults and the fellow
youth so that they make informed choices
in life.

Panacea Lifestyles presents a whole new concept of
Rejuvenation by giving you a salutary & revitalizing
healing of mind, body and soul. Panacea Lifestyles
is a boutique renaissance space that gives you
customized services for your hair, skin, fitness,
appetite and overall grooming.

The Global Wedding Academy by WIZCRAFT MIME offers monitored
internships, an intensive blended-learning approach and an
industry-recognised wedding planning course.

Benaisha Kharas is the youngest internationally certified image consultant and a much-appreciated talker on TEDx who gave guidance to over 2000 people on fashion, styling and image building over the years.

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Our portfolio has the sections.

  • Latest project.
  • CMS.
  • Static.
  • Dynamic.
  • E-commerce.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Digital Reports.
  • Case Studies.
  • Personal Branding.

Our portfolio consist of web design in WordPress, Html, Shopify, Case Studies, E-commerce, Personal Branding, Digital Marketing, Digital Reports.
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What makes our E-Commerce web designs better than the rest?

Online shoppers do not return to e-commerce platforms with poor functionality.

We are building online stores on the latest versions of popular E-commerce frameworks.

When we design, functionality is one of the governing factors in our designs. We ensure that your E-commerce store feature.